Asko Upo Mangle Support Bracket (289677)

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Mangle Support Bracket (289677): Essential for Upo and Asko mangles. Enhances user comfort. For Asko and upo mangles lsuchs as CI700 and M730.

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Mangle Support Bracket (289677) is an indispensable part for all Upo and Asko mangle owners. This bracket securely holds the mangle’s front table in the top position, ensuring safe and effortless operation. Perfectly compatible with a range of models, it facilitates smooth and enjoyable mangle use.

Product information:

  • Spare part code: 289677
  • Usage: Mangles

Compatible Asko and Upo mangles:

Tuotenumero Yhteensopivat mallit Malli
182641 B0010A5A Mankeli B0010A5A FI -White
182650 B0010A6A Cold iron B0010A6A SE -White
335295 A70001001 Cold iron A70001001 FI NO SE DK -White
335339 A70002001 Cold iron A70002001 NO DK -White
403536 A70010001 Cold iron A70010001 FI SE -White
403711 B0010A8A M730 B0010A8A FI -White
403712 B0010C1A Cold iron B0010C1A NO -White
405839 NaN CI700
405840 NaN M730
900000789 B0010C3A Cold iron B0010C3A DK -White
900000790 B0010E2A E 92 060 05 Cold iron B0010E2A SE -White
900000791 B0010E4A Mankeli E4A B0010E4A FI -White
900000792 B0010K1A Automaattimankeli B0010K1A FI -White
900000793 B0020A1A Mankeli4 B0020A1A -White
900000794 B0020A3A Tehomankeli B0020A3A FI -White
900000795 B0020E1A E 92 060 07 Mangel B0020E1A SE -White
900000796 B0020E2A Minimankeli B0020E2A FI -White


This product extends the usability of your mangle and helps maintain its operational condition. The Mangle Support Bracket is easy to install and adds value to your mangle’s daily use.


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