Bosch Siemens Refrigerator LED Light (10024820)

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The Bosch Siemens Refrigerator LED Light (10024820) is a high-quality light source designed for Balay, Profilo, Siemens, Bosch, and Pitsos refrigerators. Bright light, easy to install.

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The Bosch Siemens Refrigerator LED Light (10024820) is a high-quality light source designed specifically for Balay, Profilo, Siemens, Bosch, and Pitsos refrigerators. This LED light provides bright illumination and is perfect for all your refrigerator lighting needs. It offers a luminous flux of 75 lumens and has a color temperature of 6000K, ensuring clear and crisp lighting.

Bosch Siemens Refrigerator LED Light (10024820) Product Details:

  • Replaces part number 00628627
  • Luminous Flux: 75lm
  • Color Temperature: 6000K

The Siemens Refrigerator LED Light (10024820) is easy to install and provides long-lasting illumination for your refrigerator. Replace your old or faulty light with this high-quality LED light and enjoy clear and bright lighting inside your fridge.

Bosch Siemens Refrigerator LED Light (10024820) Compatible models:

Balay compatible models

E-nr Model
3KFE564WE/05 Balay
3KFE564WE/07 Balay
3KFE564WI/07 Balay
3KFE564XI/07 Balay

Bosch compatible models

E-nr Model
KSF36PIDP/47 Bosch

Pitsos compatible models

E-nr Model
PKNB36VIE3/06 Pitsos
PKNB36VIE3/07 Pitsos
PKNB36VIE3/08 Pitsos
PKNB36VIE3/09 Pitsos
PKNB39VIDT/01 Pitsos
PKNB39VIDT/02 Pitsos
PKNB39VIEP/03 Pitsos
PKNB39VIEP/05 Pitsos
PKNB39VIEP/06 Pitsos
PKNB39XIE2/04 Pitsos
PKNB39XIE2/06 Pitsos
PKNB39XIE2/07 Pitsos
PKNB49XIDP/01 Pitsos
PKNB49XIDP/02 Pitsos

Profilo compatible models

E-nr Model
BD3076IEVN/01 Profilo
BD3076IEVN/02 Profilo
BD3076IEVN/03 Profilo
BD3076WEVN/01 Profilo
BD3076WEVN/02 Profilo
BD3086IFAN/11 Profilo
BD3086WEVN/01 Profilo
BD3086WEVN/02 Profilo
BD3086WFDN/07 Profilo

Siemens compatible models

E-nr Model
KG36E4LCA/01 Siemens
KG36NVI37K/06 Siemens
KG36NVI37K/07 Siemens
KG36NVI37K/08 Siemens
KG36NVWEB/07 Siemens
KG36NVWEB/08 Siemens
KG39N2IDC/01 Siemens
KG39NVL316/09 Siemens
KG39NVW316/08 Siemens
KG39NVWEC/05 Siemens
KG39NVWEC/07 Siemens
KG39NVWEC/08 Siemens
KG39NXI326/08 Siemens
KG39NXI326/09 Siemens
KG39NXW326/07 Siemens
KG39NXWEB/05 Siemens
KG39NXWEB/07 Siemens
KG39NXWEB/08 Siemens
KG39NXX316/09 Siemens
KG49NXIEP/13 Siemens
KG49NXIEPG/09 Siemens
KG56NQWF0N/03 Siemens
KG56NTE30M/02 Siemens
KG56NTE30M/03 Siemens
KG56NTEE0N/01 Siemens
KG56NTEE0N/02 Siemens
KG56NTWE0N/01 Siemens
KG56NTWE0N/02 Siemens
KG56NVXF0N/07 Siemens
KG56NVXF0N/08 Siemens
KG56NXW30/20 Siemens
KG76NVI31M/01 Siemens
KG76NVI31M/03 Siemens
KG76NVIE0N/01 Siemens
KG76NVIE0N/02 Siemens
KG76NVIE0N/03 Siemens
KG76NVWE0N/01 Siemens
KG76NVWE0N/02 Siemens
KG86NAID1N/11 Siemens
KG86NAID1N/12 Siemens
KG86NAWF0N/11 Siemens
KG86NVWE0N/01 Siemens
KG86NVWE0N/02 Siemens
KGA76PI3E8/09 Siemens
KGA76PIF0N/10 Siemens

Siemens compatible models

E-nr Model
KGN367WEQ/07 Siemens
KGN367WEQ/08 Siemens
KGN36IJ3AJ/09 Siemens
KGN36XI30U/07 Siemens
KGN36XI30U/08 Siemens
KGN36XLER/08 Siemens
KGN36XLER/09 Siemens
KGN36XLER/10 Siemens
KGN36XLER/11 Siemens
KGN36XW30U/16 Siemens
KGN36XW30U/17 Siemens
KGN392LDC/01 Siemens
KGN392LDC/02 Siemens
KGN392WDC/01 Siemens
KGN39UL30U/01 Siemens
KGN39UL316/06 Siemens
KGN39UL316/07 Siemens
KGN39UL316/08 Siemens
KGN39UW30U/01 Siemens
KGN39UW316/05 Siemens
KGN39UW316/07 Siemens
KGN39VI306/10 Siemens
KGN39VI306/11 Siemens
KGN39VW316/08 Siemens
KGN39XI30U/01 Siemens
KGN39XI326/08 Siemens
KGN39XI326/09 Siemens
KGN39XI326/10 Siemens
KGN39XI326/11 Siemens
KGN39XL316/10 Siemens
KGN39XW30U/01 Siemens
KGN39XW326/06 Siemens
KGN39XW326/07 Siemens
KGN39XW326/08 Siemens
KGN493LDC/01 Siemens
KGN493LDC/02 Siemens
KGN49XI30U/19 Siemens
KGN49XI30U/20 Siemens
KGN49XI30U/21 Siemens
KGN49XLEA/12 Siemens
KGN56IJE0N/01 Siemens
KGN56IJE0N/02 Siemens
KGN56IJE0N/03 Siemens
KGN56UWF0N/03 Siemens
KGN76VI31M/01 Siemens

Siemens compatible models

E-nr Model
KGN76VI31M/02 Siemens
KGN76VI31M/03 Siemens
KGN76VIE0N/01 Siemens
KGN76VIE0N/02 Siemens
KGN76VIE0N/03 Siemens
KGN76VWE0N/01 Siemens
KGN76VWE0N/02 Siemens
KGN86AID1N/11 Siemens
KGN86AIDP/14 Siemens
KGN86VIEA/01 Siemens
KGN86VIEA/02 Siemens
KGN86VIEA/03 Siemens
KGN86VWE0N/01 Siemens
KGN86VWE0N/02 Siemens
KGV336WEAG/02 Siemens
KGV336WEAG/03 Siemens
KGV336WEAG/04 Siemens
KGV33VLEAS/05 Siemens
KGV36VLEA/10 Siemens


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