Siemens Bosch Cooker Hood Activated Carbon Filter DHZ3405 (Replaces 00296178)

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Siemens Bosch Cooker Hood Active Carbon Filter DHZ3405 is suitable for use with many different carbon filter starter kits. To ensure compatibility, please ensure that your cooker hood manual contains one of the starter pack models listed below.

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The Siemens Bosch Cooker Hood Activated Carbon Filter DHZ3405 is an essential upgrade for numerous Siemens, Bosch, Constructa, Neff, and Balay range hoods. This filter is designed to fit seamlessly into various active carbon starter packs. This high-quality replacement filter ensures optimal air purification by effectively trapping grease, odors, and other airborne particles, maintaining a fresh kitchen environment.

Product Details:

  • Length: 42.5 cm
  • Width: 17 cm
  • Height: 3 cm
  • Replaces original carbon filter number: 00296178
  • Manufacturer: Com
  • Part Number: W339249

The DHZ3405 filter is specifically designed to replace the existing filter in your range hood if it corresponds with any of the following starter packs. This compatibility ensures that your ventilation system continues to operate efficiently, capturing impurities and recirculating clean air.

Compatible starter packs: 

Starter pack Brand
3AB369T(00) Balay
A0367(00) Balay
A0368(00) Balay
CZ16330(00) Constructa
CZ5000(00) Constructa
CZ5143X5(00) Constructa
DAK800I(00) Bosch
DHZ3400(00) Bosch
DHZ3405(00) Bosch
DHZ3406(00) Bosch
DHZ6300(00) Bosch
DIZ14AF(00) Bosch
DWZBL1C(00) Balay
DWZBL1D(00) Balay
DWZBL1G(00) Balay
JZ5143X5(00) Junker
LX2000(00) Siemens
LZ34000(00) Siemens
LZ34500(00) Siemens
LZ34501(00) Siemens
LZ63000(00) Siemens
Z5121X0(00) Neff
Z5121X0(01) Neff
Z5140X0(00) Neff
Z5140X0(01) Neff
Z5143X0(00) Neff
Z5143X0(01) Neff
Z5143X0(05) Neff
Z5143X1(00) Neff
Z5143X5(00) Neff
Z5143X5(03) Neff
Z5143X5(05) Neff



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