Enervent Heat Exchanger Belt Pulley

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Enervent Heat Exchanger Belt Pulley is suitable for all other Enervent LTO cells except the Pallas model.
Pulley diameter: 54mm

Enervent Alta, Kotilämpö eWind, Liggolo, Ltr-2, LTR-2 Eco, Ltr-3, LTR-3 Eco, LTR-3-120, Ltr-3-60, Ltr-3-85, LTR-3-ACE, Ltr-4, Ltr-6, Ltr-7 Ja Ltr-7 Z, Ltr-7 Xl, Pandion, Pegasos Eco, Pegasos Ja Pegasos Z, Pegasos Xl, Pelican Ja Pelican Z, Piccolo, Pingviini 80, Pingvin, Pingvin 120, Pingvin 60, Pingvin 85, Pingvin ACE, Pingvin kotilämpö, Pingvin Xl, Pinion, Plaza, Plaza AC, Salla, Salla kotilämpö, LTR-5 Z


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