Harvia Relay K1, WX207

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Harvia contactor K1 is compatible with the circuit boards of many Hariva heaters. Harvia original spare part.

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Finder relay

Harvia contactor K1 for Harvia heaters.


Fits the following models:

  • Harvia Forte AF4
  • Harvia Forte AF6
  • Harvia Forte AF9
  • Harvia Forte AFB4
  • Harvia Forte AFB6
  • Harvia Forte AFB9
  • Harvia Moderna V45E
  • Harvia Moderna V60E
  • Harvia Moderna V80E
  • Harvia Fuga FU60
  • Harvia Fuga FU60E
  • Harvia Fuga FU90
  • Harvia Fuga FU90E
  • Harvia Cilindro PC90
  • Harvia Cilindro PC70EE
  • Harvia Cilindro PC70HEE
  • Harvia Cilindro PC90EE
  • Harvia Cilindro PC90HEE
  • Harvia Classic Quatro QR90

Cilindro (PC), Forte (AF(B)), Fuga (FU), Glow (TR(C)), Moderna (V), Quatro (QR), XE

Sauna heater Control



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