Harvia Delta Upgrade Kit (ZSN-581) EE -> XE

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Upgrade your sauna with the Harvia Delta Upgrade Kit (ZSN-581) EE -> XE. Equipped with a Xenio controller, it revitalizes your heater like new.

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Upgrade your sauna experience to a new level with the Harvia Delta Upgrade Kit (ZSN-581) EE -> XE. This unique kit modernizes your old Delta EE model with the Xenio controller. Not only does this upgrade package restore your heater’s functionality, but it also makes it “like new”.

Package includes:

  • A new Xenio controller
  • Display controller cable, 5 meters
  • Circuit board with holder
  • Temperature sensor with cables

If your Delta EE model’s circuit board has gone dark, this upgrade kit provides a solution. Often, when the heater dims and the controller stops receiving power, the fault may be in the power unit or just the circuit board itself. This Upgrade Kit fixes these issues, ensuring your sauna experience remains enjoyable.


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