Harvia door switch for sauna door

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With the Harvia door switch, you can safely operate your electric heater remotely.

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Harvia door switch is a switch installed on the sauna room door. The door can be wooden or glass door. The switch allows the sauna heater and other sauna functions to be safely switched on remotely, with phone. The door switch is easy to operate and it is highly resistant to heat and humidity. That makes it suitable also for spa environment. The detection up to 20 mm allows active and reliable use of the door switch. When using the switch, the sauna room door has to be fully closed or else the sauna heater will not turn on. If the door is opened during the sauna heater’s heating process, the system will block the remote starting. Switch cable length is 3 meters.

NOTE: Check the door switch compatibility with your control unit before purchasing.

The switch and compatible control unit together fulfills the European electric heater standard (SFS-EN 60335-1 & 60 335-2-53).



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