Harvia Luminous SASF02 – fibre light

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Harvia Luminous 16 fibre lights

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The flexible Harvia Luminous SASF02 can be used to create stylish lighting solutions for saunas, such as a beautiful starry sky or stunning graphic patterns on the wall.

The sauna lighting contains 16 optical fibres. The lighting kit is suitable for sauna rooms of approximately 2-5 square metres. The lighting kit does not include a heater lens.

The light fixture does not include a lamp lens:

4 x 2,4 m ( 2,0 mm).
4 x 2,7 m ( 2,0 mm)
4 x 3,0 m ( 2,0 mm)
2 x 3,3 m ( 2,0 mm)
2 x 3,6 m ( 2,0 mm)

Light temperature 3000 K, warm white light


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