Harvia sauna heater cleanser 500ml

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Is your electric sauna heater dirty and chalky? With this Harvia electric sauna heater cleanser, you can clean your stainless steel electric heater in no time.

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Harvia Sauna heater cleanser is intended for cleaning the stainless-steel surfaces of the sauna. The cleaner cleans even the most difficult lime stains and is also suitable for cleaning other acid-tolerant surfaces, such as tile, sanitary porcelain, and glass surfaces. Thanks to its gel-like consistency, it also cleans easily on vertical surfaces.

The product is made from renewable and biodegradable raw materials. The raw materials used in the products are responsibly produced.

Instructions for use:

Apply with a sponge or cloth. Leave on for 10-15 minutes. Wipe the surface clean and rinse. Repeat if necessary. Please note! Dampen the surface of the tiles before cleaning. Do not use with chlorine-containing substances.


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