Harvia Timer ZSK-510 4+8 H,

82,70 (incl. VAT. 24%)

Original timer made by Harvia for all Harvia mechanical timer heaters. The timer is also suitable for Mondex heaters.

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Harvia Timer ZSK-510 for all Harvia heaters with mechanical timer.

Fits the following Harvia models
M45-80, KIP30-80, KV30-80, BC45-80, AV2-6: 2/1998, PC66-90, CS60-80, QR70-90, FG70-90


This timer is suitable for (AV) AinaValmis heaters manufactured before 2/1998.


Ainavalmis (AV), Cilindro (PC), Classic electro (CS), Figaro (FG), Quatro (QR), Sähkäri (KIP), Sound (M), Top Class (KV), Vega (BC), Vega Compact (BC)


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