Harvia Virta/Virta Pro heating element ZCU-836 3600W/230V

79,91 (incl. VAT. 24%)

ZCU-836 is an original heating element made by Harvia, suitable for the Virta and Virta Pro heater models. The ZCU-836 has a power and voltage of 3600W/230V.

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Harvia heating element with the power and voltage 3600W / 230V for Harvia Virta and Harvia Virta Pro electric heaters.


Fits Harvia models:

Harvia Virta HL110, 3 pcs (ZCU-836)
Harvia Virta HL110S/A, 3 pcs (ZCU-836), 1 pcs (ZH-104)
Harvia Virta Pro HL220, 6 pcs (ZCU-836)
Harvia Virta Pro HL220S/A, 6 pcs (ZCU-836), 2 pcs (ZH-104)


Combi, Virta (HL), Virta Pro (HL)

Sauna heater power (kW)

11 kW, 22 kW

Sauna heater Control



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