Helo Rondo and Saunatonttu Stove Cover Gasket (SP7811769)

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Elevate your sauna experience with the Helo Rondo and Saunatonttu Stove Cover Gasket (SP7811769). This premium seal, tailored for Helo’s Rondo and Saunatonttu models, ensures your sauna stove operates at peak efficiency, retaining heat and conserving energy. With compatibility of all Saunatonttu and Rondo models and a perfect length of 96 cm.

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The Helo Rondo and Saunatonttu Stove Cover Gasket (SP7811769) is an essential component designed to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your sauna stove. Tailored specifically for Helo Rondo and Saunatonttu models, this seal maintains optimal heat retention and energy efficiency. Compatibility with various power outputs and models makes it a versatile choice for any sauna owner.

Compatible Helo stoves:

  • Saunatonttu:
    • 3 kW, 20007-30
    • 4 kW, 20007-40
    • 6 kW, 20007-60
    • 8 kW, 20007-80
  • Rondo DE models:
    • 4.5 kW, 1180-450-1705
    • 6.5 kW, 1180-650-1705
    • 9.6 kW, 1180-960-1705

With a length of approximately 96 cm, this seal ensures a perfect fit and seamless integration. Identified easily by its spare part number SP7811769, ordering and replacement are straightforward.


Rondo De, Saunatonttu De


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