Helo 8kW Saunatonttu Heating Element SEPC191, 260W/230V

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Helo’s original SEPC191 heating element is suitable for Helo Saunatonttu heaters. Power and voltage 260W/230V.

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Helo 8kW Saunatonttu Heating Element SEPC191 260W/230V.

The second of two heat maintance heating element for Helo Saunatonttu 8 kW:

SAUNATONTTU DE (20007-80): 1 pcs


Saunatonttu has two different heat maintenance heating elements. The other one is Helo Saunatonttu Heating Element SP5207737 SEPC168,105W.

Other Helo/Finnleo Saunatonttu 8kW resistors:

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Saunatonttu De

Sauna heater power (kW)

8 kW


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