Helo Temperature Limiter ORHE 12

163,95 (incl. VAT. 24%)

ORHE 12 temperature limiter is suitable for Helo Saunatonttu, Pikkutonttu and HetiValmis electric sauna heaters.

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Helo temperature limiter ORHE 12

ORHE 12 temperature limiter fits to many Helo electric sauna heaters. Original Helo spare part.

Fits following Helo electric sauna heaters:

  • Saunatonttu
  • Pikkutonttu
  • HetiValmis

Spare part code: SP5408499



14E, 4, 60, 600, Hetivalmis 11E, Hetivalmis 2, Hetivalmis 400, Saunatonttu De


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