Menalux dust bag 1202

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The Menalux 1202 dust bag kit is suitable for a wide range of vacuum cleaners from manufacturers such as Electrolux, Aeg and Volta. The kit contains 5 synthetic dust bags.

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The Menalux dust bag 1202 is suitable for brands such as:


Package of 5 synthetic dust bags

See compatibility here

Accessory dust bag fit

Electrolux D 700, Electrolux D 715, Electrolux D 720/P, Electrolux D 725, Electrolux D 728, Electrolux D 729, Electrolux D 730, Electrolux D 735, Electrolux D 736, Electrolux D 738, Electrolux D 739, Electrolux D 740, Electrolux D 742, Electrolux D 745, Electrolux D EC 738, Electrolux Turbomatic Z 344, Electrolux Turbomatic Z 355, Electrolux Turbomatic Z 358/T, Electrolux Turbomatic Z 360, Electrolux Turbomatic Z 375, Electrolux Turbomatic Z 380/E, Electrolux Turbomatic Z 390, Electrolux Turbomatic Z 400, Lux 700…745 Series, Lux 725…730, Lux 738…740, Lux D720/P, Lux Z 355, Lux Z 358, Lux Z 360, Volta 360/S, Volta U360


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