Siemens Dust Bag Type G ALL Maxi Pack (16 pcs)

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Siemens Dust Bag Type G ALL Maxi Pack (16 pcs) – exceptional performance for all Siemens vacuum cleaners. PowerProtect technology ensures effective suction, fleece technology extends lifespan.

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Enhanced Cleaning for Every Home:
The Siemens Dust Bag Type G ALL Maxi Pack is engineered to provide top-notch performance in all Siemens vacuum cleaners (except for models VS08… and VS01…). This pack of 16 ensures that you always have the necessary dust bag at hand.

Advanced PowerProtect Technology:
The PowerProtect dust bag ensures strong suction power, even with lower-powered vacuum cleaners. As the dust bag fills up, the suction remains powerful, making your cleaning efficient and effortless.

Revolutionary Fleece Technology:
The new fleece technology significantly extends the lifespan of the dust bag. With up to 50% longer life, it means less frequent replacement and cost savings.

Exceptional Dust Filtration Capacity:
The multi-layered design ensures a high filtration rate, effectively filtering up to 99.9% of fine dust particles. This ensures cleaner air in your home.

Product Details:

  • Package Contents: 16 dust bags
  • Compatibility: Siemens vacuum cleaners (excl. models VS08…, VS01…)
  • Technology: PowerProtect, Fleece
  • Filtration Rate: 99.9% for fine dust particles
  • Lifespan: Up to 50% longer


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