Miele Vacuum Cleaner Hose for S4000/5000 Series (Equivalent)

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The Miele Vacuum Cleaner Hose for S4000/5000 Series is compatible with various Miele vacuum models and replaces models 7330631 and 7330632. We also offer additional accessories for Miele vacuums.

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Miele Vacuum Cleaner Hose for S4000/5000 Series – Premium and Reliable Solution for Cleaning

Elevate your cleaning with the Miele Vacuum Cleaner Hose designed especially for the Miele S4000 and S5000 series as well as the C2 series. This high-quality hose ensures efficient and reliable vacuuming every time.

Miele Vacuum Cleaner Hose Features:

Compatible Miele vacuum cleaners:

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Brand Model

Miele S4000 – Compatible products

Brand Model
Miele S4210
Miele S4211
Miele S4212
Miele S4213
Miele S4221
Miele S4222
Miele S4260
Miele S4261
Miele S4262
Miele S4280
Miele S4281
Miele S4282
Miele S4510
Miele S4511
Miele S4512
Miele S4560
Miele S4561
Miele S4562
Miele S4580
Miele S4581
Miele S4582
Miele S4711
Miele S4712
Miele S4780
Miele S4781
Miele S4782
Miele S4812 HYBRID

Miele S5000 – Compatible products

Brand Model
Miele S5210
Miele S5211
Miele S5220
Miele S5222
Miele S5260
Miele S5261
Miele S5280
Miele S5281
Miele S5310
Miele S5311
Miele S5360
Miele S5361
Miele S5380
Miele S5381
Miele S5410
Miele S5411
Miele S5480
Miele S5481
Miele S5510
Miele S5560
Miele S5580
Miele S5781


Choose the Miele Vacuum Cleaner Hose and ensure a cleaner and tidier home with every use!


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