Miele Vacuum Parquet Nozzle MI256 (Equivalent)

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The Miele Vacuum Parquet Nozzle MI256 ensures gentle yet thorough cleaning for hard floors. Compatible with various Miele models, it’s essential for parquet owners.

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Miele Vacuum Parquet Nozzle MI256 – Preserving Your Floors with Care

Keep your hard floors spotless and scratch-free with the Miele Vacuum Parquet Nozzle MI256. This premium accessory by Filter Plus is a perfect match for replacing the original Miele nozzle models: SBB 400-3, 07101160, and Parq.TwisterXL-3. At 320 mm wide, it’s designed to cover larger areas efficiently, and its 36mm connection diameter ensures compatibility with a range of Miele vacuum models.

Product details:


Ideal for Hard Surfaces: Specially crafted for hard floor cleaning, the Miele Parquet Nozzle (MI256) glides smoothly, protecting your floors from scratches and other damage. It’s an ideal choice for those who value the condition of their parquet and hard floors.

Compatible Models:

  • S 5000 – S 5999
  • S 4000 – S 4999
  • S 2000 – S 2999
  • S 500 – S 858*
  • S 227 – S 456i*
  • S 140 – S 168

*Please Note: This nozzle is only compatible with Miele vacuum models (S 500 – S 858 and S 227 – S 456i*) that have the identifier 43/… on their rating plate, which can be found on the bottom of the device. Always confirm your vacuum model and compatibility before making a purchase decision

User-Friendly Design: Filter Plus has focused on user experience when designing this parquet nozzle. Its width and design enable efficient cleaning without worrying about wear and tear on your floors.

Choose the Miele Vacuum Parquet Nozzle for maintaining beautiful and clean floors without compromise. Filter Plus offers a high-quality alternative to the original Miele nozzle, ensuring long-lasting use year after year.

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