Pexymek Mangle KM800

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Embrace the Pexymek Mangle KM800, a Swedish innovation for powerful, ergonomic laundry handling. Boasting an 800 mm wide roller, it’s perfect for residential and communal laundries. Features quiet operation and safety-focused design.

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The Pexymek Mangle KM800 represents the pinnacle of mangle technology, offering unparalleled power and ergonomic design for laundry processes. Originating from Sweden, this innovative mangle is tailored for the laundry requirements of homes and housing cooperatives, featuring an 800 mm wide roller that efficiently handles large textiles.

Product Details:

  • Roller Width: 800 mm, mangle cloth 780 mm
  • Roller Pressure: 400 kg
  • Noise Level: Quiet operation, below 62dB
  • Weight: 16 kg, with side handles for convenient transportation
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 1010 x 340 x 280 mm

The KM800’s distinctive front panel facilitates easy feeding of textiles, while its advanced finger-protection control cover ensures safety, automatically halting the rollers if hands approach too closely. The Pexymek Mangle KM800 is an ideal selection for those who prioritize quality, safety, and efficiency in their laundry tasks. Its user-friendly operation and ergonomic build promise a consistently pleasant usage experience.

The Pexymek Mangle KM800 is a vital acquisition for any contemporary laundry facility, blending Swedish excellence in quality and durability with comfort and functionality.


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