Savo Activated Carbon Filter HS-12 (90227)

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The Savo Activated Carbon Filter HS-12 (90227) is an ideal choice for kitchen air purification. Designed for Savo cooker hoods, it effectively removes impurities and odors. Diameter 200 mm, height 28 mm. Includes mounting accessories, compatible with several models. Keep your kitchen air fresh and clean with this Savo filter.

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The Savo Activated Carbon Filter HS-12 (90227) is a high-quality activated carbon filter designed to improve air quality in your kitchen. Specifically made for Savo cooker hoods, this filter offers an effective solution for removing impurities and odors from your kitchen air. Its unique filtration system ensures that the air in your kitchen stays fresh and clean.

Product Details:

  • Size: Diameter 200 mm, Height 28 mm
  • Part Number: 90227
  • Manufacturer: Savo
  • Compatibility: Compatible with various Savo cooker hood models

Alternative active coal filters:

Vastaavat aktiivihiilisuodattimet:

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  • Electrolux: 9029793701, E3CFP19, 89992564, 33004896, ECFBLL01, 33004847, 9029798783
  • Eurofilter: F325623
  • Fagor Brandt: 74X3895, AK214AP1
  • Savo: 96573
  • Airlux: CR430, AHA87
  • Best: 08999679, FKS170, Type190
  • Cello: 2004ACF, 501055225

Easy to install, the Savo Activated Carbon Filter HS-12 comes with all necessary mounting accessories, making the installation process quick and effortless. Its high filtering capacity ensures that grease, smoke, and other harmful particles are efficiently removed from the air, promoting a healthier kitchen environment. Using this activated carbon filter is also an economical choice as it reduces the need for frequent filter replacements.

By using the Savo Activated Carbon Filter HS-12, you ensure that your kitchen remains clean and odor-free. This product is an excellent choice for homes that value both cleanliness and practicality. The Savo Activated Carbon Filter HS-12 is a reliable addition to any kitchen.

Compatible Savo cooker hoods:

Tuotenumero Malli
90326 C-3305-S
90327 C-3306-S
90340 C-4105-S
92340 C-4105-W
90341 C-4106-S
92341 C-4106-W
90321 C-4206-S
90322 C-4305
92322 C-4305
90323 C-4306
92323 C-4306
90470 C-5106-S
86515 C-6706-S
86518 C-6708-S
90632 G-3505-W
90624 G-3605-S/ASC
90634 G-5605-S/ASC
90636 G-5607-S/ASC
86631 G-6306-S
90541 I-5606-S/ASC
K24-1PU K241PU
K24-PU K24PU
90606 3/2015 -> P-2306-S
90656 P-2606-SG
93323 Studio TUPA


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