Vallox 121 Right Side Fan 8300100513 (935560)

330,96 (incl. VAT. 24%)

Enhance your Vallox ventilation unit’s performance with the original Vallox 121 Right Side Fan 8300100513 (935560) spare part. Fits also in Vallox Aito Kotilämpö 3118, A3118 models.

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The Vallox 121 Right Side Fan 8300100513 (935560) is an original Vallox spare part designed to enhance the efficiency of your ventilation system. This fan, with a power of 120W and left-hand orientation, ensures perfect compatibility and easy installation for the Vallox 121 series of ventilation units. It is engineered to replace older models R3G146-AD19-20 and R3G146-AD23-15, offering updated performance and longevity.

Product Details:

  • Power: 120W
  • Orientation: Left
  • Spare Part Number: 935560
  • EBM Code: 8300100513


  • Vallox 121 SE (3560, A3560)
  • Vallox 121 MC (3561)
  • Vallox Aito Kotilämpö (3118, A3118)

This fan provides an excellent solution for those seeking a reliable and efficient upgrade to their ventilation system.

Different Versions:

Additionally, there is a version with a diagram Vallox 121 SE/MC Right Side Fan R3G146 (With cover) 1103900, offering broader compatibility with various models.

Note! The Vallox 121 has different fans on the left and right side, below the fans on the left side:


Vallox 121 Mc, Vallox 121 Se, Vallox Aito Kotilämpö

Vallox type

3118, 3560, 3561, A3560


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