Vallox Supply and Exhaust Fan for Vallox 145 SE/MV (935630)

393,95 (incl. VAT. 24%)

Original Vallox Supply and Exhaust Fan (935630) for Vallox 145 SE and MV models. Replaces fans R3G160-AU09-14 and AC50-13. Original Vallox spare part.

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Vallox Supply and Exhaust Fan for Vallox 145 SE/MV, an authentic Vallox spare part, is specifically engineered for the Vallox 145 SE and 145 MV air handling units. This fan, with a spare part number of 935630 and EBM product code 8300100706, delivers exceptional performance and reliability.

Designed to replace models R3G160-AU09-14 and R3G160-AC50-13, it seamlessly fits into Vallox 145 air handling models. This supply and exhaust fan ensures the efficient and smooth operation of your air handling unit.

Product Details:

  • Manufacturer: Vallox
  • Compatible Models: Vallox 145 SE (type 3710), Vallox 145 MV (type 3712)
  • Spare Part Number: 935630
  • EBM Product Code: 8300100706
  • Replaces Fans: R3G160-AU09-14, R3G160-AC50-13

Vallox 145 Mv, Vallox 145 Se

Vallox type

3710, 3712


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