Ventilation machine spare parts

It is also important to change the filters in your ventilation machine often enough to maintain good air quality in your home. The recommended replacement interval is generally about 2-3 times a year, but you can find the exact recommendation in your ventilation unit’s manual. We stock original filters for ventilation equipment such as Vallox, Enervent and Swegon.

In our online shop you will find a comprehensive range of spare parts and accessories for ventilation machines. Our customer service will be happy to help you with any questions regarding the compatibility of spare parts for your ventilation machine or, for example, to book a service. You are also welcome to visit our shop in Turku, where you will also find spare parts, accessories and filters for ventilation machines.

When ordering spare parts for an air handling unit, the first step is to check the type plate of the unit to find out its specifications. This link will help you to locate the type plate, as well as to interpret the type plate for each brand:

If you are ordering new fans for your ventilation machine, you can also find out the appropriate fan from the codes on the fans.  

Vallox ilmanvaihtokoneet

Ventilation machine maintenance

Our service is able to repair all the most common ventilation equipment faults and our experience with ventilation equipment goes back several decades. We are an authorised repairer for Vallox, Enervent, Heru, Flexit and others, but we also service other brands such as Swegon.

The most common failure in air handling units is the breakdown of fans. When a fan is about to break down, it may start making an abnormal noise that can disturb the occupants of the property. Fortunately, the fans in the ventilation machine can be replaced with new ones, thus extending the life of the machine. Other spare parts are also easily available for the most common ventilation machines, therefore it is not a good idea to replace the entire ventilation machine, as they are usually very valuable in terms of purchase price.

Replacing the ventilation fan bearing

The most common fault, as previously noted, in ventilation machines is the failure of fans. Instead of buying a new fan, there is also the option of replacing the bearings, which is the most common cause of abnormal fan noise. There are two types of bearings in the fan, which bearing fits the fan depends on whether it is an alternating current (AC) or direct current (EC) fan. We currently have two different types of bearings in our range.

Dust-tight bearing 608ZZ suitable for AC fans will fit e.g. EBM R2E140 and G2E140 fans. These bearings fit for example Muh Ilmava, and Vallox Digit models, and many other Vallox models. Also suitable for older Enervent air handling units. Older ones with AC blower, such as Enervent Penguin models.

The 6082RS moisture isolated bearing for EC fans works with EBM EC fans starting with R3G and G3G. Bearing 6082RS is used in many Vallox, Enervent and Swegon ventilators. In addition to ventilation fans, the bearings are also suitable for many other motors, machines and even skateboards.

See below for bearing replacement instructions.