E210S S-Bag Ultra Long Perfromance dust bags 3pcs

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S-Bag Ultra Long Performance dust bags in a pack of 3 dust bags. S-Bag Ultra Long Performance dust bags give your vacuum cleaner better performance.

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E210S S-Bag Ultra Long Perfromance dust bags 3pcs

s-bag® Ultra Long Performance unique features of the product:

Long lasting performance: s-bag® Ultra Long Performance lasts 80% longer than traditional vacuum cleaner paper bags, and its optimal volume is 5 liters. The dust bag provides convincing cleaning results for much longer.

Extreme suction power: the new high-performance synthetic material of the dust bag guarantees optimal airflow and allows the vacuum cleaner to have the best suction power throughout the life of the dust bag.

High filtration efficiency: the high filtration efficiency of the multilayer material stops even the smallest particles. This improves the cleaning result and your home has cleaner room air.

Powerflow™ s-bag® is designed with a special fold that gives it more capacity compared to a flat bag. Powerflow makes the bag flexible and easier to place in a vacuum cleaner.

Improved closure system – durable and hygienic: The closure system is designed again, and it is stiffer thanks to a stronger material and new sealing technology. This ensures that the s-bag® closes every time and does not break or leak. The dust bag is easy to place in the vacuum cleaner. It is also hygienic as the mouth of the bag closes automatically, when it’s removed from the vacuum cleaner. This prevents dust from spreading into the air, and changing the bag goes clean and fast.

TÜV certification: TÜV Rheinland Group has independently tested and certified the performance of the s-bag® Ultra Long Performance bag. More information is available at www.tuv.com.

s-bag® is available in different materials for different needs and to ensure the best performance of the vacuum cleaner: Classic Long Performance, Anti-Odour ja Anti-Allergy.

To ensure optimal performance, the bags should be changed regularly and the filters should be replaced every fourth bag change. All filters should be replaced at least twice a year or when they are externally dirty. The use of non-original s-bag® dustbags may reduce the performance of the vacuum cleaner.

This packaging includes 3 synthetic s-bag® Ultra Long Performance dust bags.


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