Electrolux EAP450 Filter Package EF116

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The Electrolux EF116 filter fits to the EAP450 air purifier. The EF116 filter package contains 1 piece of 3 in 1 filters for the EAP450 air purifier.

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Electrolux EAP450 Filter Package EF116

This filter package has been developed to guarantee optimal performance of the Electrolux EAP 450 air cleaner.

The air cleaner blows air into the apartment, which has been cleaned by passing it through filters.

The filter package is a 3-in-1 filter:

Washable antibacterial pre-filter removes animal hair and large airborne particles from the air. The pre-filter extend the life of the air cleaner. The Cleancel ™ antimicrobial surface reduce of breathable air bacteria and fungal organisms effectively and eliminates microbial odors.

The washable HEPA filter collects 99.97% of the small particles and impurities, that can be only 0.3 microns sizes and which include smoke, dust, pollen and other allergens.

Washable AOC™ (Advanced Odour Control) the carbon filter is designed specifically to remove air from pets, smoking and cooking also other home odors.

The filter light inform, when the HEPA filter need to be replaced. Change interval of the filters depends on the number of operating hours, air quality of the place of use and the location of the air cleaner. The filter lasts about one year of use. The filter package can be washed and used up to twice.

The package contains 1 filter package for the EAP 450 air cleaner.

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