Electrolux KIT11 Perfect Care Delicate Care Kit – 36mm

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Electrolux nozzle set for delicate surfaces. Original Electrolux nozzles from our online shop.

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Electrolux KIT11 Perfect Care Delicate Care Kit

Clean delicate surfaces with care and reduce dust and allergens with the Delicate Care Kit from the vacuum cleaner.

The Delicate Care Kit contains:

A Delicate Surfaces Brush* with soft bristles that remove dust and small particles without damaging blinds, lampshades and frames.
A textile vacuum cleaner with thick ply discs that gently but effectively remove hair and loose fibres from soft surfaces.
A soft, washable microfibre cloth that effectively removes dust.
36 mm oval connection fits all Ultra Collection vacuum cleaners, including the following models: the UltraActive, UltraCaptic, UltraOne, UltraOneMini, UltraPerformer, UltraSilencer and UltraFlex**.

*Be sure to check the manufacturer’s recommendations before vacuuming sensitive surfaces in your home.

**Suitable for UltraFlex models with 36 mm oval connection.


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