Crevice Nozzle 32 mm, Length 20 cm

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The Crevice Nozzle Ø 32 mm, Length 20 cm, is designed for detailed and precision cleaning. Compatible with several vacuum cleaners, tube diameter 32 mm.

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Are you looking for an effective nozzle for detailed and precision cleaning? The Crevice Nozzle with a diameter of Ø 32 mm and length of 20 cm is specifically designed for this purpose. This nozzle is compatible with a variety of vacuum cleaners and has a tube diameter of 32 mm.


  • Diameter: Ø 32 mm
  • Length: 20 cm
  • Length of Narrow Part: approx. 14 cm
  • Compatibility: Fits most vacuum cleaners with a 32 mm connection

Why Choose This Crevice Nozzle?

This nozzle is an ideal solution when you require effective and precision cleaning. The length of the narrow part is approximately 14 cm, allowing you to reach into hard-to-access areas.


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