Enervent EDA/eAir heat exchanger motor package

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Motor package for Enervent ED and eAir air handling units manufactured from 5/2009 onwards. The package includes the motor and gearbox. Enervent air exchanger spare parts and accessories with fast delivery.

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Enervent EDA/eAir heat exchanger motor package.

The motor package is suitable for the following ED series devices manufactured from 05/2009.

Pandion (eco) ED
Pelican (eco) ED
Pegasos (eco) ED
LTR-6- (eco) ED
LTR-7- (eco) ED

The engine package includes an engine and a gearbox.


Ltr-4, Ltr-6, Ltr-7 Ja Ltr-7 Z, Ltr-7 Xl, Pandion, Pegasos Ja Pegasos Z, Pegasos Xl, Pelican Ja Pelican Z


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