Harvia Cilindro/Globe/Glow/Kivi Illuminated Immersion Collar HPC2L

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Harvia HPC2L Illuminated Immersion Collar for models Cilindro, Globe, Glow and Kivi

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Harvia Illuminated Immersion Collar HPC2L is a beautiful way to add more light to sauna room in addition to making the immersion look much more clean. In the bottom edge of the immersion collar, there is a LED light string. The immersion collar is made of stainless steel which also acts as a thermal radiation shield. The embedding opening is only made slightly larger than the heater, making the whole more uniform.


Suitable for the following Harvia heaters:

Harvia Cilindro PC66/E, Harvia Cilindro PC70/E/H/HE/F, Harvia Cilindro PC90/E/H/HE/F, Harvia Cilindro PC70EE/HEE, Harvia Cilindro PC90EE/HEE, Harvia Cilindro PC110E/EE/HE/VHE/HEE/VHEE, Harvia Cilindro PC100E/135E, Harvia Cilindro Plus PP70/PPE70, Harvia Cilindro Plus PP90/PPE90

Harvia Kivi PI70/E, PI90/E

Harvia Globe GL70/E, GL110/E

Harvia Glow TRT70/TRT90/TRTE70/TRTE90


Diameter: 410 mm.

Height: 151 mm.


Cilindro (PC), Globe (GL), Glow (TRT)


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