Harvia Forte AFB6 Steel electric heater 6,0kW

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Harvia Forte AFB6 electric heater in a stunning steel colour.

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Harvia Forte AFB6 Steel electric heater 6,0 kW, a modern and always ready heater for true sauna lovers. Just open the lid and throw water on the sauna stones, the heater will give you relaxing steam right away.

Harvia Forte is a combination of Finnish stove technology engineering and great design. This stylish stainless steel heater is suitable for for example family saunas and the heater creates a safe and peaceful environment for all. The heater has a thermally insulated sauna stone space which keeps up the heat in the heater. Thanks to this feature, the heater’s outer shell is not burning hot. A separate, splash-proof control panel allows the heater to be embedded into the sauna benches. The heater automatically shuts off when the cover is forgotten open, and the keypad lock on the control panel further enhances safety. Eco mode saves electricity by adjusting the temperature.

The Forte heater is controlled with digital Xafir control unit which can be installed inside the sauna room. The unit enables you to control the different features of the heater and also the amount of energy used.

Forte AFB6 technical information:

Power: 6.0kW
Material and colour: Steel, Stainless Steel
Dimensions: 535 mm x 500 mm x 830 mm
Sauna size: 7–12 m3
Stone amount: 100 kg
Safety distances (mm): front 20, sides 20 (in wall recess 100), rear 30


Forte (AF)

Sauna heater power (kW)

6 kW


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