Harvia Sähkäri KIP80 electric heater 8,0kW

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Harvia Sähkäri 80 is a traditional 8.0 kW electric heater. Order a new heater for your sauna!

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Harvia Sähkäri KIP80 Reliable and affordable basic heater

Harvia Sähkäri is a traditional wall-mounted heater, where price and quality meet in a way that is extremely favourable to the sauna user. The operating switches are located at the bottom of the heater and can be moved to the left or right side or to the front of the heater during installation – a useful option for wall recess installations, for example.

The outer casing of the heater is gloss black. The design is clean and simple and the materials are tried and tested in thousands of saunas.

Power 8,0 kW

Dimensions 410 x 600 x 280

Sauna size 7-12 m3

Stone quantity 25 kg

Protective distances (mm): front to lower deck 30, upper deck 80, side walls 100, ceiling 1100, floor 150


Sähkäri (KIP)

Sauna heater power (kW)

8 kW

Sauna heater Control



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