Harvia Temperature Sensor Cable (WX237)

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The Harvia Temperature Sensor Cable (WX237) is a high-quality cable designed for all Harvia temperature sensors. Sold by the meter, product number WX237.

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The Harvia Temperature Sensor Cable WX237 is an essential component designed with precision and durability in mind. This cable is sold by the meter, ensuring that you get the exact length you require for your specific setup.

Harvia, a trusted name in the sauna world, upholds the highest standards in every product. This temperature sensor cable is no exception. Designed for accurate readings and long-lasting sauna sensors, this cable showcases Harvia’s dedication to excellence.

Every sauna setup is unique, and the length of the cable required can vary. By offering this cable by the meter, Harvia ensures that you don’t have to compromise on your setup or buy excess lengths. You can purchase just what you need, ensuring a clean and efficient installation.

Compatibility is a significant concern when purchasing components for your sauna. The Harvia Temperature Sensor Cable WX237 is designed to be universally compatible with all Harvia temperature sensors. This universal compatibility ensures seamless integration into your existing setup without any compatibility issues.

In summary, for a dependable sauna sensor cable, Harvia’s Temperature Sensor Cable, with its precision and universal fit, stands out as a top choice.

Fits in following Harvia Temperature sensors:

  • WX248
  • WX232
  • WX367
  • ZG-660


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