Harvia The Wall SW80 Black Steel 8,0kW

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Harvia The Wall SW80 electric heater from our online store. Order a new electric heater directly to your door.

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Harvia The Wall SW80 electric heater is a reliable and practical heater which fits in many sauna room decoration. It has a beautifully simple appearance and the black steel colour makes the heater elegant. The Wall is installed on the wall and also, it can be embedded into the sauna benches. This heater has a long life cycle thanks to its design and longer heating elements. Heating elements can transfer the heat more powerful to the sauna room and heater stones.

Harvia The Wall SW80 Black Steel electric heater is controlled with illuminated manual switches. With the switches it is able to control the heater temperature, time when the heater will go on and the time the heater is on. When installing the heater, it is possible to choose if the heater is right- or left-handed.

Basic information:

Power: 8 kW
Material: Steel
Colour: Black Steel
Measurements (mm): 700 x 430 x 260
Stone amount: 20 kg
Sauna size: 7-12 m3


The Wall (SW)

Sauna heater power (kW)

8 kW

Sauna heater Control



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