Harvia WX600 circuit board, Unio, Globe, Xafir, Cilindro

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Harvia circuit board for 11 kW heater models and Xafis control units. Wide range of original Harvia spare parts with fast delivery.

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Harvia WX600 circuit board to Harvia heaters and Xafir control center.

Fits the following models:

Cilindro 11kW (PC110EE),

Unio (HKL360),

Globe 6.9kW (GL70/E),

Globe 11kW (GL110/E)

Xafir CS110

Glow / E /EE/ Corner

Xenio CX110


Cilindro (PC), Globe (GL), Glow (TR(C)), Unio (HNK), Xafir (CS), XE, Xenio (CX)

Sauna heater Control



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