Harvia Xenio WiFi Control panel

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With this Harvia Xenio Wifi set, you can convert your CX170 or CX110 control centre into a remote-controlled one. CX001WIFI

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The Harvia Xenio WiFi accessory package includes the Harvia Xenio WiFi control panel and the Harvia SAB00103 door sensor. With this package, you convert your Harvia XE sauna stove or Harvia Xenio CX170 and Xenio Combi CX110C control center into a remote-controlled one. The control centres must be manufactured in 2020 or later. The door sensor guarantees a safe remote controlling. The sensor informs the system if the sauna door is left open or if the sauna door is opened during the heating process. If door is open or opened, the control system blocks the remote controlling. The remote controlling is made with MyHarvia mobile phone app. With the app you can control the sauna heater’s temperature and humidity, sauna lighting, air conditioning, timer and many other features depending on the sauna heater.

The Xenio Wifi accessory package includes

– a control panel
– security device door sensor
– MyHarvia app (available for free download on Google Play and AppStore)


Wifi, Xenio (CX)


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