Helo Sauna Circuit Board Olea 83 adapter

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Helo’s Olea 83 serial communication adapter connects the Midi controller to the Olea 57 electronics. Suitable for many Helo models.

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Helo Sauna Circuit Board Olea 83 adapter to the Helo sauna heaters. Connects a Midi controller (RA 18) Olea 57 to electronics.

  • Fits to these models:
  • Roxx DE/DET (1118 -xx- 0405)
  • Cava DE/DET (1118 -xx- 0405)
  • Ring DE/DET (1118 -xxx- 0405)
  • Rocher DE/DET (1118 -xxx- 0405, 1118-xxx-040518)
  • Ferro DE (1120 -xxx- 0405)
  • Himalaya DE (1118-xxx/xxxx-0405)

Cava De, Det, Ferro De, Himalaya De, Ring De, Rocher De, Roxx De


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