Miele FJM Dust Bags 4-pack + Filter (Swirl)

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Opt for premium cleaning with Swirl® dust bags, designed specifically for Miele vacuums. This pack includes four bags with an advanced EcoPor® filter, ensuring efficient dust capture and a fresher home. Suitable for a wide range of Miele models.

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The Miele FJM Dust Bags 4-pack + Filter is the perfect choice for your Miele vacuums! Specifically designed for Miele vacuums, these FJM aftermarket dust bags ensure optimal performance. This pack includes four top-quality dust bags and one efficient motor filter, guaranteeing your vacuum always functions at peak efficiency.

Although these dust bags are aftermarket versions and not original Miele products, they meet high-quality standards. Swirl® vacuum cleaner bags with the EcoPor® filter deliver noticeable cleanliness by securely and cleanly capturing dust and dirt. The EcoPor® filter separates 99.99% of household dust and allergenic fine particles, such as pollen, mold spore droppings, and bacteria, thus purifying indoor air. Swirl® vacuum bags are made from 45-65%* recycled material, promoting environmental conservation.

The bags come equipped with a sealing mechanism, allowing for dust-free disposal, making the cleaning process easier and neater.

Product Features:

  • Includes 4 dust bags and 1 motor filter
  • Compatible with various Miele vacuum models
  • Aftermarket version
  • Manufacturer: Swirl
  • Convenient sealing mechanism for dust-free disposal

Compatible Models:

  • S 6000- S6999
  • S 4000 – S 4999
  • S 700 – S 799
  • S 500 – S 578
  • S300i – S 399
  • S 290 – S 299
  • S 241 – S 256i
  • Compact C2
  • Compact C1
  • Complete C1

Choose Miele FJM aftermarket dust bags and filter for a premium and efficient vacuuming experience!

Accessory dust bag fit

Miele Compact C1, Miele Compact C2, Miele Complete C1, Miele S 290….299, Miele S 300, Miele S 6000….6999, Miele S 700….799, Miele S241-S256i, Miele S300i-S399, Miele S4000 – S4999, Miele S4000-S4999, Miele S6000-S6999


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