Electrolux Pure F9 and Pure Q9 Filter Pack EF167

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The Electrolux Pure F9 and Pure Q9 filter pack includes two washable fine dust filters, compatible with numerous Electrolux vacuum models, ensuring optimal performance.

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The Electrolux Pure F9 and Pure Q9 Filter Pack EF167 offers an optimal solution for those seeking to ensure the peak performance of their vacuum cleaner. This pack includes two washable fine dust filters, specifically designed to purify the air and guarantee your vacuum’s optimal operation.

Electrolux, renowned for its high-quality appliances, has tailored this filter pack especially for the PureF9 and PureQ9 vacuum series. Regular filter replacement is the key to efficient vacuum operation. Old and dirty filters can diminish the power and cleaning results of your vacuum. Hence, it’s crucial to replace filters routinely to enjoy clean and fresh air at home.

The Electrolux Filter Pack EF167 is perfectly compatible with the following Electrolux Pure F9 models:

  • PF91-ALRGY,
  • PF91-ALRP,
  • PF91-ANIMA,
  • PF91-4IG,
  • PF91-4ST,
  • PF91-5BTF,
  • PF91-5EBF,
  • PF91-5OGF,
  • PF91-6BMF,
  • PF91-6BW, and
  • PF91-6BWF.

Additionally, it aligns seamlessly with the Pure Q9 models:

  • PQ91-ALRGS,
  • PQ91-ALRGY,
  • PQ91-ANIMA,
  • PQ91-ANIMS,
  • PQ91-GREEN,
  • PQ91-P40GG,
  • PQ91-P50MB,
  • PQ91-3BW,
  • PQ91-3EB,
  • PQ91-3EM,
  • PQ91-3OB,
  • PQ91-40GG, and
  • PQ91-50MB.

By choosing Electrolux filters, you’re assured of a premium product designed for durability and efficient operation. This filter pack not only ensures your vacuum’s optimal performance but also extends its lifespan.

In conclusion, the Electrolux Filter Pack EF167 is an essential purchase for anyone aiming to maintain their vacuum’s top performance. It’s durable, easy to install, and guarantees effective cleaning results every time. Replace filters regularly and relish a pristine home environment!


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