Harvia Autodose pipe black

239,00 (incl. VAT. 24%)

Harvia Autodose pipe, black SASL2M

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Harvia Autodose pipe is a simple and modern looking pipeline which is used to throw the sauna water onto the hot stones of sauna heater. The pipe is installed above the sauna heater’s stones. The pipe gives a perfect amount of water to get great heat in sauna. This pipeline is used with the Harvia Autodose buttons.

The simple design of the design pipe is suitable for a variety of sauna settings. The pipework can also be integrated through the sauna wall panel, so that the pipework is not visible and the appearance of the sauna remains uncluttered.

Suitable for stoves of different sizes (adjustable distance)
– Can be integrated through the sauna wall panel (no visible pipework)
– Compatible with Harvia Autodose automatic sauna heater, but also available without (requires separate water control)




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