Harvia HPP3 Guardrail for Cilindro Pro

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Harvia Guardrail HPP3 for Harvia Cilindro Pro sauna heater.

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Harvia Guardrail HPP3 is a great and stylish way to add safety around your Harvia Cilindro Pro sauna heater. The guardrail is made of heat-treated birch wood which makes the guardrail fit well to many sauna interior. The guardrail consists of four wooden arches which are attached together and to the sauna heater with stainless steel brackets. The arches creates a circle-shaped guardrail which repeats the round shape of Harvia Cilindro Pro sauna heater.

Harvia Guardrail HPP3 is suitable for 16 and 19.8 kW Cilindro Pro sauna heaters.

Height: 8 cm

Diameter: 52 cm


Cilindro Plus (PP)


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