Harvia Cilindro Steel PC90XE electric heater 9,0kW

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Harvia Cilindro PC90XE electric heater includes a separate control panel. Cilindro PC90XE is ideal for larger family saunas.

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The stylish Harvia Cilindro Steel PC90XE electric heater is suitable for larger family saunas. The heater is controlled by a convenient, separate control panel. The Cilindro XE heater is pillar-shaped and offers soft yet sturdy steams. Up to 90 kg of stones sink into the stove, which allows the heat to spread evenly throughout the sauna. The outer surface of the heater is made of perforated stainless steel. This heater allows a free sauna room designing thanks to its shape and controlling style. You can embed the heater into the sauna benches or install it traditionally on the floor, even next to glass wall. The Cilindro XE models have a separate digital Xenio control panel as standard, which can be placed in a sauna or washroom. The control panel allows you to monitor the temperature and timer, as well as adjust the sauna lighting and other functions. The XE control is possible to update into Wifi controller which allows you to control the heater with MyHarvia mobile phone app. This requires a separate door sensor to your sauna room’s door.

About the heater:

Power: 9.0 kW
Material and colour: Steel, Stainless Steel
Measurements (mm): 930 x 320 x 320
Sauna size: 8-14 m3
Stone amount: 90 kg
Safety distances (mm): Front, sides, behind: 100, ceiling: 950, floor: 30-50


Cilindro (PC), XE

Sauna heater power (kW)

9 kW


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