Harvia Vega BC35 electric heater 3,5 kW

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Harvia Vega BC35 electric heater in 3.5 kilowatt capacity. The Vega BC35 wall heater is ideal for smaller saunas.

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Harvia Vega BC35 is a small power pack for smaller saunas. The heater has mechanical switches located at the top of the heater. The placement of the switches makes the use of the heater more ergonomic and comfortable, as you do not have to bend down every time to adjust the settings of the heater. The heater is easy to install. You can attach it to a wall mount with just one screw. The heater can also be installed in the lowest parts of the sauna, so that those sitting on low benches can keep their toes warm.

Harvia Vega BC35 technical information:

Power 3,5 kW

Size: 280 mm x 505 mm x 295 mm

Sauna size: 2 – 4,5 m³

Stone amount 12 kg

Safety distances (mm): front to benches 20, side wall 10, ceiling 900, floor 80


Vega Compact (BC)

Sauna heater power (kW)

3, 5 kW

Sauna heater Control



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