Harvia Cilindro Black Steel PC90XE electric heater 9kW

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Harvia’s Cilindro PC90 in a stunning Black Steel XE model. This Cilindro has a built-in control centre and the control panel comes ready to use.

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Modern looking heater from Harvia.

The Harvia Cilindro Black Steel PC90XE electric heater is a stunningly modern and stylish choice with digital control for your sauna. The stove’s dark, specially treated Black Steel surface adapts to the environment, bringing out the living surface of the steel beautifully. Thanks to its large stone amount, the Cilindro Black Steel PC90XE model provides a comfortable, soft steam and is perfect for for example a medium sauna. The heater allows the sauna users to adjust the steam amount in the sauna. The outer shell is perforated so the sauna water is possible to be thrown on the side or top of the heater to get softer or sharper steam.

The stylish wall-mounted Xenio touch panel makes the stove easy and effortless to use. Thanks to the timer function, the sauna is heated exactly when you want. You can get right into the sauna after a sporting session, for example. You can adjust the temperature to the nearest degree of accuracy, and you can also control the sauna lighting and ventilation.

About the heater:

Power: 9kW
Material: Steel
Colour: Black, Black Steel
Weight 9.5 kg
Measurements (mm): 930 x 320 x 320
The size of the sauna is 8-14 m3
Stone amount: 90 kg max


Cilindro (PC), XE

Sauna heater power (kW)

9 kW


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