Harvia The Wall SW80 electric heater 8,0kW

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Stunning Harvia The Wall SW80 electric heater available in our online store. Order a high quality Harvia electric heater for your sauna.

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Genuinely Finnish The Wall.

Harvia The Wall SW80 electric heater offers a versatile package for sauna lovers. The heater is a compact and powerful heater and it fits in many sauna room decoration. It has a beautifully simple appearance and the stainless steel colour makes the sauna look modern. The Wall heater is easy to install on the wall with installation/wall bracket. The supplied wall bracket determines the minimum safety distance between the heater and the floor. This heater has a long life cycle thanks to its design and a separate support structure for heating elements. The system protects the elements so that they do not twist.

The Wall SW80 heater is controlled with illuminated manual switches and when installing the heater, it is possible to choose if the heater is right- or left-handed. The timer switch is located on the top part of the heater and the temperature switch is on the bottom part of the heater.

Technical information:

Power: 8,0 kW
Dimensions (mm): 430 x 700 x 260
Sauna size: 7-12 m3
Stone amount: 20 kg
Protective distances (mm): front to lower part 30, upper part 70, side walls 70, ceiling 1200, floor 80

Material and colour: Steel, Stainless Steel


The Wall (SW)

Sauna heater power (kW)

8 kW

Sauna heater Control



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