Harvia Cilindro PC90 electric heater 9kW

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Harvia Cilindro PC90 is the number one tower model electric heater. Order a new Harvia electric heater.

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Harvia Cilindro PC90 Electric Heater is a great option for larger saunas, such as family saunas. The sauna heater has a large amount of stones which makes this sauna heater more versatile. Its pillar-like shape and perforated outer shell allows the steam to be adjusted so everyone can enjoy the sauna in their own preferences. The top part of the stone pillar offers stronger steam and the side surface makes the steam a little softer. The shape of this Cilindro sauna heater makes easier to install in the sauna room. The sauna heater does not take so much room in the sauna and it can be installed many ways. The heater is installed on the floor and it can be placed for example, in between of two sauna benches, in the middle of the sauna room. Choose Harvia Cilindro to bring impressiveness in to your sauna room.

Harvia Cilindro PC90 electric heater is controlled with manual switches which are located in the bottom part of the sauna heater. There are two switches of which the first is for timer and the other is for thermostat.

Technical information
Power: 9.0 kW
Material and colour: Steel, Stainless Steel
Dimensions (mm): 320 x 320 x 930
Sauna size: 8-14 m3
Stone amount: 80 kg
Safety distances (mm): For sides 100, ceiling 950, floor 3N ~ 30, 1N ~ 50


Cilindro (PC)

Sauna heater power (kW)

9 kW

Sauna heater Control



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