Harvia Cilindro PC90XW electric heater 9,0kW WiFi Steel

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The Harvia Cilindro PC90XW is a stunning wifi electric heater. Harvia wifi electric heaters are now available in our online store.

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Harvia Cilindro PC90XW electric heater is a complete package for remote control of the sauna heater. The heater is a great choice for modern sauna and modern people. The heater is switched on with MyHarvia mobile phone app which makes it easy to switch the sauna on for example during the journey home. The safe switch on is ensured with a door sensor connected with the heater which must be installed in the sauna room door. The sauna room door have to be closed when turning the heater on. If the door is opened while the heater warms up, the remote controlling is blocked. The high pillar-shaped heater contains a large amount of stones. Thanks to this feature, the heat spreads evenly through the whole sauna room making the steam soft and relaxing. The heater can be installed on the floor and even embed into the sauna benches. It creates a beautiful decor in to the sauna room.

Harvia Cilindro PC90XW includes the Harvia Xenio WiFi accessory package. With the stylish control unit the heater controlling is very easy and fast at home. The control unit is installed on the wall.

Technical information

Power: 9 kW

Material: Steel

Colour: Steel, Stainless Steel

Measurements (mm): 930 x 320 x 320

Stone amount: 90 kg

Safety distances (mm): Front, side, behind: 100. Ceiling: 950. Floor: 30-50 depending on the connections.

Sauna size: 8-14 m3


Cilindro (PC)

Sauna heater power (kW)

9 kW

Sauna heater Control



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