Harvia Cilindro Black Steel PC90 electric heater 9kW

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Harvia Cilindro PC90 Black Steel is a stunning black tower model electric heater. Cilindro PC90 Black Steel is ideal for a medium-sized sauna room.

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The Harvia Cilindro Black steel PC90 electric sauna heater is an elegant eye catcher for medium-sized saunas. It fits well in many different sauna decorations thanks to its versatile installation styles and looks. The heater is possible to place traditionally on the floor or in the middle of the sauna, between two sauna benches. Additionally, the heater can be embedded into the sauna benches which gives more freedom for sauna bench designing. The high and pillar-shaped heater contains a large amount of stones, which makes the sauna experience unique. Thanks to the shape and large stone surface, the heat spreads comfortably throughout the sauna. The stunning appearance is emphasized by the elegant Black Steel color, which creates a modern look for your sauna.

Harvia CIlindro Black Steel PC90 electric heater is controlled by manual switches which are located in the bottom part of the heater. The manually adjustable heaters come with a mechanical timer and a thermostat.

Technical information

Power: 9 kW

Material: Steel

Color: Black, Black Steel

Measurements (mm): 930 x 320 x 320

Stone amount: 80 kg

Safety distances (mm): Front, side, behind: 100. Ceiling: 950. Floor: 30-50.

Sauna size: 8-14 m3


Cilindro (PC)

Sauna heater power (kW)

9 kW

Sauna heater Control



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